LOCANDA DA VINCI - Metropolitan Hotel - Szr Service Road, exit 41 | Al Thanya St - Dubai



Mezzanine flore | Metropolitan Hotel
Szr Service Road, exit - 41 | Al Thanya St - DUBAI

Tips to park completely, but be aware that just sending it does not serve as confirmation of the reservation.

Monday - Sunday

11:30 AM - 11:PM



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Our services and possibilities are many and varied, be amazed by Locanda Da Vinci. Where we are The Italian restaurant Locanda Da Vinci is located inside the Metropolitan Hotel in Dubai, on the mezzanine floor.

Parking is free for Locanda's customers! Our valet service will take care of your car, which will be kept in our secure parking lot, from where it will be very easy to access the restaurant via elevators suitable for disabled people. By showing our receipt, parking will be free.

Taste of Italy

celebrating its rich history
and roots

“Taste of Italy” is a symbol of passion for Italian cuisine, and the distinctive brand of a chain of restaurants and ice cream parlors that celebrate the flavors and aromas of Italy. With this logo, you can savor the beauty of Italian culinary tradition, and enjoy a gastronomic experience that is truly unique in the world.


National Geographic called it: The most beautiful region in the world. There are many delicacies that this region offers the world, but surely the most precious is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil; its colour ranges from green to yellowish and darkens with time. The aroma is spectacular, fruity with exhilarating vegetal notes of freshly cut grass.


A land with ancient roots and a rich culture, where geographical boundaries are well-defined by mountains and the sea, but the borders between various cuisines blur. From the buffalo mozzarella of Aversa to the braids of Sorrento, from the fiordilatte of Agropoli to the bite-sized pieces of Capua, our mozzarella will leave you speechless.


Italy’s most arabesque region, where the geographical borders are well marked by the sea, but the boundaries between the various cuisines are blurred. Land of Sun, Sea and Fire, we also bring a piece of Sicily to Dubai, presenting one of its most precious gifts: Swordfish. From Messia’s ‘Feluche’ to Locanda Da Vinci, our swordfish will leave you speechless!

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LOCANDA DA VINCI - Metropolitan Hotel - Szr Service Road, exit 41 | Al Thanya St - Dubai